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Silent Sentinel Trailer-Mounted Arrow Boards - 15 Lamps

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Brand: Solartech
Product Code: AB-0515
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The Silent Sentinel is a 15 lamp solar powered Advance Warning Arrow panel for traffic direction.

Trailer mounted for easy transport and quick set-up.

Model Information:
15-Lamp Arrow Board, 40 Watt Solar Model #AB-0515
15-Lamp Arrow Board, 80 Watt Solar Model #AB-0715

The equipped control module displays battery level, solar charge status, lamp intensity settings and has a built-in fully automatic solar charge controller (temperature compensated).

Display options include left or right arrow patterns set to flashing or sequential with a flash rate of 30 per minute. You can also set the LED lamps intensity manually or use the auto-dimming feature which provides optimal visibility with minimal energy consumption.

Featuring industry leading LED lamps - Independent laboratory tests confirm our custom LED lamp is the brightest in the industry and has the greatest overall angularity.

Ideal for lane closures, traffic redirection and temporary work-zones.

What sets SolarTech apart from other electronic traffic control equipment manufacturers?

  1. FREE - INCLUDED IN BASE PRICE -Integrated GPS Receiver, Integrated GSM Modem with 5 Years UNLIMITED use of SolarTech's Command Center & Command Center Mobile Remote Control Software.
  3. TRAFFIC SOLUTIONS Full line of traffic control equipment available with easy-to-use controls and interchangeable parts on models. 
  4. KNOWLEDGABLE - Expert training is provided to all distributors to provide excellent customer service & support.

310-SIGN is an approved distributor of SolarTech products in Canada.

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Product Size Panel Size - 96″ x 48″ (Type C); Length Overall 100″ (254cm); Width Overall - 96″ (244cm); Height Traveling - 92″ (234cm); Height Operating - 134″ (340cm)
Product Weight 1,180 lbs. (535kg)
Display Options Lamps - LED 15; Solar Array - 40 watts
Power Options Batteries: Two (2) 6-volt heavy-duty deep cycle (GC-2)
Product Warranty 5 Year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty
General Information
Customize Options Combinaiton Coupler - Removable, 2 inch ball and 2 1/2 inch pintle ring; Adjustable Height Coupler - 2 inch ball or 3 inch pintle, adjusts from 18 to 28 inches; Solar Array - 80 watts; Batteries - Four (4) Lead Acid (flooded) or two (2) or four (4) Gel Cell maintenance free; Auxiliary Battery Charger - 115 VAC line powered, 45 amp 230 VAC line powered, 45 amp; Traffic Cone Carrier - holds standard 18 inch (45.7cm) and 28 inch (71.1cm) traffic cones

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