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Back-In Policy In Effect

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Brand: Alberta Transportation
Product Code: SPT-69
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Advance Warning for Bylaws and parking information in the road or traffic ahead, this sign is used to inform drivers of Back-In Policy In Effect. Reverse Parking signs are used as emergency response planning. In the event of an emergency, reverse parking policies have proven to make evacuation much quicker and safer. Reverse parking policies also decrease the probability of collisions as drivers are less likely to have an accident when leaving in an already front facing position, especially in rushed situations such as an evacuation.

Sign Contains:
Text Reads: "Back In Policy In Effect" on High Intensity Reflective Background (White)

Millimeters 300 x 450
Centimeters 30 x 45
Inches 12 x 18
Province(s) Alberta, Canada
Sheeting 3M High Intensity Prismatic
Background Color White
Message Color Black
Material Aluminum/Alloys comply with ASTM standard 5052-H38
Gauge 0.081" Aluminum Flat Sheet (2mm Thick)
Holes / SB# 3/8" holes for Mounting // Compliance with the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC)

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