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TC-1000 Radar Speed Sign

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The TC-1000A is a 17" LED display speed radar sign.

Radarsign’s built for purpose design is the most vandal resistant radar speed sign on the market today.

> Faceplate Options
36" W x 44" H - White
36" W x 44" H - Yellow/Green Flourescent
> Power Options
AC Power
Solar Panel - 75 Watt
Solar Panel - 90 Watt

* Some options are avilable at additional cost.

> Durable Design:
Heavy-duty aircraft aluminum housing with an armored 3/8" thick Bashplate™ and 1/4" Lexan cover provide superior protection to the internal components of the radar speed sign from external force and weather. UV protection.

Beveled design of the 3/8" Bashplate protects LEDS and internal components from damage by dissipating force inflicted on the sign. Comes with .25” thick protective sheet covers entire display area. Abrasion, graffiti and shatter resistant
> Exceptional visibility
Directional beam technology delivers a superior quality display for drivers, even in bright sunlight. Radarsign’s proprietary design serves as a cone, magnifying the intensity of the light, and pinpoints it directly to the view of approaching drivers.
> Speed Alert
The driver speed will flash within the programmed speed range.
  • A SLOW DOWN alert message is a feature on all TC-1000 models and can also be displayed as well.
  • Display on-off feature allows traffic data collection to continue even when the display is off (stealth mode).
  • Delay option to alert speeders above posted speed limit.
> Faceplate
17" LED display with 36" W x 44" H - YOUR SPEED faceplate with 6" high lettering; Available in white, fluorescent yellow, or safety orange.
> Power Supply
Available in either AC Power or with Solar Power.
> Design Standards
NEMA 4R level compliant; MUTCD compliant colors and reflectivity; Abrasion resistant, shatter resistant, UV resistant, and graffiti resistant.
> Batteries
Batteries are designed to slide into housing slots without any danger of movement; Maintenance is limited to battery changes every three to six years.
> Radar
Detects vehicles up to 1200 feet away.
> Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Allows access to program signs from most web enabled devices (Apple devices, Android devices, Windows devices, etc.)
  • Requires no proprietary or custom software to operate
  • WPA2 encrypted security
  • Password protection
  • Range of up to 300 feet from sign
> Warranty
Two year warranty on parts and labor, including batteries; Does not cover malicious abuse, theft, or damage due to unauthorized modification.
> Ideal for
60KPH to 80KPH zones
> Information Download
You can view the TC-1000 product guide by click on the link below:

Download the product guide

More than traffic calming, Radarsigns® are traffic analysis tools too!

All Radarsign® models come with built-in data-logging capability. Every sign can record up to one years worth of traffic data statistics. This includes time stamped number of vehicles and their speed as they pass by. Using the StreetSmart software you can do complete statistical analysis of these traffic patterns.

That is great, but the radar signs can also operate in STEALTH mode. ie. all the operational lights are off, making drivers assume the sign is not operational. Therefore their natural driving habits can be continuously recorded

With Stealth and Regular mode operations, you can easily gather before and after vehicle statistics of the location being analyzed. You can determine the day of the week and time of day when most people speed and more. By comparing stealth and operational data sets, you can prove for yourself that radar signs can be effective at reducing vehicle speed by more than 12% (based on customer feedback)

Learn more about the StreetSmart PC app. There is an extra charge for the software but makes the radar sign infinitely more valuable.

For more information on this product, please visit the StreetSmart page.

Product Size Sign Size: 22.2″H x 32.5″W x 5.25″D; Digit Size: 2 Digits, 17″ high super bright amber LEDs
Product Weight TC-1000S (Solar): 2 digits: 72 lbs. (98 lbs. with batteries); TC-1000A (AC):2 digits: 72 lbs
Display Options 2 digits, 17" high super bright amber LEDs (life up to 100,000 hours) with directional beam technology; Automatic intensity adjustment to ambient light conditions for maximum visibility; Conical holes for each LED focus and reflect light toward the road, providing the highest quality viewable display with minimum energy usage; Internal .375" aluminum shield to protect components from abuse or vandalism; GE LexamTM Display Cover provides a .25" thick protective cover; Beveled design protects LEDs and internal components by dissipating any force inflicted on the sign; Abrasion, graffiti, UV resistant and shatter resistant
Housing Options Dimensions: 22.2″H x 32.5″W x 5.25″D; 0.1875" to .25" thick aircraft aluminum with white powder coat finish; NEMA 4R level compliant Non-sealed & ventilated; Humidity Maximum: 100%
Power Options AC Powered; Solar Powered
Sensor Range Sensor range up to 1200'
Speed Alerts ​2 speeds of flashing LEDS to notify drivers that are exceeding the speed limit; A SLOW DOWN alert message is a feature on all TC-1000 models and can be displayed as well
Standard Programming On/Off Timer Options: 4 timers per day, also by day of week. Settings allow lower speed limits for school zone times and for late night display shutoff. Display On/Off: Allows traffic data collection to continue even when display is off Display Brightness Control: Auto adjusts to light conditions, up to 100 levels Setup Functions: Easy to follow menu, no mechanical switches to operate Maximum Speed Cutoff: Prevents unwanted high speed displays; up to 99 mph; discourages “racing” of sign. Choice of flashing matrix, or LED display cutoff. Date/Time Control: Battery backed real-time clock auto-adjusts for daylight savings time
Technological Options Allows access to program signs from most web enabled devices (Apple devices, Android devices, Windows devices, etc.); Requires no proprietary or custom software to operate; WPA2 encrypted security; Password protection; Range of up to 300 feet from sign
Temperature Operates from ​-40 F (-40 C) to + 138 F (59 C)
Product Warranty ​Two year warranty on parts and labor (including batteries). Exceptions: Does not cover malicious abuse, theft, or damage due to unauthorized modification

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