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Silent Messenger Vehicle Mounted Message Board - 6

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Brand: Solartech
Product Code: STSMB-06
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Silent Messenger - Vehicle Mount Message Boards

This portable message board is able to be mounted on vehicles or equipment.

Mounting Options:

  • Skid Mount: Features a Fold-n-Go design, for any size Arrow or Message Board, with energy supplied by an onboard battery bank.
  • Bed Rail Mount: Features a Fold-n-Go design, for B or C size Arrow or Message Board.
  • Roof Mount: Can be mounted on any equipment, for B size Arrows or 30” x 40” message boards

Optional Features and upgrades include:

  • Installation Kits - Self-contained portable or integrated, in-cab controls Lifts - Manual or Powered
  • Battery Packs - Aux. battery pack
  • Battery Charger - 2 options available, 45 amp 120 volt or 55 amp 230 volt
  • Solar Power Kits
  • In-Cab Controls with or without auxiliary battery pack
  • Remote Control Options - Cellular or short range WiFi
  • Radar Options with data collection

Display up to a maximum of 18 characters per line with a maximum of 4 lines and the ability to select from 12 font types. Character height ranges from 5.25” to 12” with full animation via amber LEDs.


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Power Options Battery Pack - Auxiliary battery pack (300/600 AH) Lead Acid or GelCel; Battery Charger – 45 amp 120 volt, 55 amp, 230 volt; Solar Power Kits – 40 watt array for Arrow Panels, 80 watt or 120 watt array for Message Boards
General Information
Customization Installation Kits – Self-contained portable or integrated, in-cab controls; Lifts – Manual or powered

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